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Topics on radiotherapy, global cancer epidemiology and public health   Rex Cheung

Topics on radiotherapy, global cancer epidemiology and public health

124 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the past two decades, radiotherapy has evolved from 2-dimensional, to 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional techniques. There are also new developments of imaging techniques such as positron emitted tomography (PET), and molecular imaging. Personalized treatment strategies based on individual cancer genome is expected to make major advances during this decade. Unfortunately, there is also an expected rise in cancer morbidity and mortality in developing countries where many advanced treatments will likely not be uniformly available. This book does not attempt to be exhaustive, but a foundation to build on, to continue to condense the recent biological, technical and socioeconomic challenges and advances into precise information. Hopefully the topics that I selected would be helpful to the others.
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