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Immunofluoresecence Based Study on Breast Cancer Patients   Saurabh Varma and Rishikesh Shukla

Immunofluoresecence Based Study on Breast Cancer Patients

112 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Cancer is high proliferation of cells due to abnormalities in cell division and DNA replication. Breast cancer is most common malignancy of women with 45-80% response rate. However, recurrence is most common and most of the patients do not develop a satisfactory immunological antitumour response due to several mechanism, T-cells dysfunction. It is about 1% in men. In present study, we tried to investigate the role of T-cells and DNA content analysis as prognostic marker in breast cancer patients compared to normal healthy individuals using Flowctometry and Confocal Laser Scanning Microcopy. We studied 31 Breast carcinoma patients and 12 Normal healthy persons. Out of 31 patients, cancer patients showed significant increase in CD3, CD4 percentage while there was no significant change in CD8 percentage. Increased CD4 values suggested that these cells have immunosuppressive characterstics either due to cell contact or soluble factors and therefore contribute to dysfunction of immune...
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