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Cancer Magnetic Nanotherapy   Valerii Orel and Andriy Romanov

Cancer Magnetic Nanotherapy

156 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book describes the fundamentally new technology based on the utilization of magneto-sensitive nanoparticles complex loaded with anticancer drugs. The magneto-mechano-chemical synthesis has been used in order to increase the concentration of free radicals and antitumor activity of nanocomplex. The locally combined influence of inhomogeneous constant magnetic with electromagnetic fields and nanocomplex in tumor have initiated the splitting of electron energy levels and unpaired electron transfer from iron oxide nanoparticles to anticancer drug. The next step is free radical formation, which leads to the oxidative stress and as a result deregulates electron transport in mitochondrion. It has more effectively caused the tumor cells death during moderate inductive hyperthermia as compared to conventional drug. The antitumor effect of nanotherapy nonlinearly depended on the changes in intensity and space distribution of magnetic fields. Our research has demonstrated how the developed...
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