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Webworks: E-zines: Explore Online Magazine Design   Martha Gill

Webworks: E-zines: Explore Online Magazine Design

230x280 192 страниц. 2000 год.
Rockport Publishers
Meet the people who make it their business to create electronic magazines on the web. Here you’ll find an international showcase of e-zine designs that work. Whether translated from print or created purely for online viewing, these e-zines offer standout solutions to the enormous challenge of designing information and holding the reader’s attention online. From mass-media stalwarts, such as Time and Fortune, to renegade upstarts like Suck and Urban 75, WebWorks: e-Zines identifies what makes an e-zine success. Learn about e-zine structure and design, from start-up and promotion theory to the nuts-and-bolts layout of departments and columns. Discover innovative techniques for enticing readers participation and generating subscriptions. Find common sense tips on navigation, programs, and site architecture. Packed with advice and inspiration from top e-zine staff, this volume is the essential resource for designers, marketers, and internet enthusiasts around the world....
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