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The Lived Experiences of Dominican Women with Stage IV Breast Cancer   Alsacia Pacsi

The Lived Experiences of Dominican Women with Stage IV Breast Cancer

100 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The diagnosis of breast cancer, for most, elicits anxiety and fear due to the disease and treatment process, which usually has a devastating effect on the person, both physically and emotionally. Would ethnicity change or modify this stereotypical response? This study was done to illuminate the perceptions of Dominican women living with Stage IV breast cancer (advanced breast cancer). This phenomenological study explored the lived experiences of Dominican women diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer using a purposive sample of convenience to illuminate their perceptions of living with advanced breast cancer. Analyzing the results of this research, one can infer that adaptation for the Dominican woman does not mean an acceptance of her illness; on the contrary, adaptation in this case is an impetus to build a new environment, create everlasting memories for their children, and leave a legacy of love. Future studies should be done using qualitative and quantitative methodology in order...
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