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Assessment of Oral Pre-Cancer and Cancerous Lesions in Gujarat State:   Dr. Rupin Shah

Assessment of Oral Pre-Cancer and Cancerous Lesions in Gujarat State:

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present cross sectional study was carried out on the patients at GUJARAT CANCER RESEARCH INSTITUTE,which is one of the largest cancer institute in ASIA. The details include general information of patient like age,sex,adverse oral habits and socio-economic status.Clinical examination of hard and soft tissue and histological findings were later obtained from patients file.All the details were filled in the assessment form.The chi square test was used to find the association between the risk factors and the oral lesions.Multiple logistic regression model was applied for risk factors and the oral lesions.The present study describes the co-relation between tobacoo and its products and alcohol and other individual characteristics and occurence of oral cancer.The other details include type of lesion and distribution of the affected sites.The present study gives an overview on excessive use of addictive substances as well as high prevalence of oral lesions in the community.The results...
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