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Manual Liquid Based Cytology Method For Detection of Cervical Cancer   Nandini Manoli,Nandish Manoli and Murali Dhar

Manual Liquid Based Cytology Method For Detection of Cervical Cancer

140 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book on Manual Liquid based Cytology is a comprehensive interesting challenging work in cytology. Introduction of this method by Dr.Nandini Manoli has helped to improve the diagnosis of precursor lesions of cervix. This work is the only successfully conducted cost effective method to be introduced in a developing country like India. Dr.Nandini Manoli has been working in developing, improving a relatively new field of cytology. The thrust was to introduce a easy, less painful procedure for poor patients who cannot afford hospital stay, and travel associated with an excision biopsy for different lesions, which was the norm in the past decade. Cervical cancer being the third most common cancer in women of developing countries required improved early detection of the precursors lesions of cervix. This early detection helps in reducing the morbidity in women of these countries who are less educated and have poor access to medical treatment. The discussion with individual case...
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