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Cancer care in Iraq   Layth Mula-Hussain

Cancer care in Iraq

116 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The “Cancer Care in Iraq: A Descriptive Study” portrays the scale of the current and future challenges facing the Iraqi cancer program, it lay down a well balanced statements, suggestions and research questions that require vigilant attention. This report can also provide a baseline for future monitoring of trends and for assessing the progress made in addressing the cancer burden in Iraq. The impact of cancer as a disease on our society is mounting; a road map to revise the perceived epidemic is needed. This can happen through strengthening our national monitoring and surveillance, scaling up the implementation of evidence-based measures to reduce risk factors (like tobacco use), and improving access to cost-effective healthcare interventions to prevent suffering, disabilities and premature death. As an Iraqi oncologist, I know that we are still long way from being able to deliver our goals of delivering world class outcomes. I look with optimism to the day were we will achieve...
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