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Anticancer activity of Syzygium guineense   Augustine Nkembo

Anticancer activity of Syzygium guineense

116 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A large part of Africa lies within the tropical rain forest with a rich biodiversity. Numerous studies reveal that rural African tribes rely on medicinal plants for healthcare. However, the global potential benefits of these traditional African medicinal plants are limited by a lack of extensive and careful phytochemical analysis. The purpose of this study was therefore to: (1) explore the archives and identify traditionally used African plants with anti- cancer properties, (2) evaluate the anti-cancer activities of their ethanol and water extracts, (3) isolate and purify the anti-cancer ingredient(s), (4) evaluate the anti-cancer mechanism of the extracts. Following treatment with the extracts and exposure to EB/AO and microscopic evaluation, the cells were found to be dying by apoptosis and necrosis. These results demonstrate that Syzygium guineense harbors phytochemicals that if purified in larger quantities and subjected to spectroscopic analysis and identification may provide...
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