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THE IMPACT OF CANCER   Sandra Hitchcock


92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study aimed to investigate the impact that the diagnosis of cancer has on the relationship of couples where one of the partners have been diagnosed with cancer. In order to achieve this, the study explored the elements in the cancer process that were most difficult for couples to cope with and what supported them most in coping. There are already many stressors in couples'' lives without the added stress of cancer. When cancer is diagnosed in one of the partners, the couple is exposed to extraordinary challenges that they had never encountered before. It changes the appearance and the quality of the relationship. Their lives are disrupted by changes in all aspects. It was observed that the relationships of the couples were not adequately attended to during the cancer process. The study therefore attempted to assist couples and their medical teams to better understand some of the particular factors that could impinge on the relationship between patient and partner. Couple...
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