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Optimising Radiotherapy For Bladder Cancer   Stephen Mangar

Optimising Radiotherapy For Bladder Cancer

224 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Bladder cancer is a common problem especially in the elderly. When the disease involves the muscle, surgical removal is necessary and is associated with good chance of cure. Radiotherapy forms an alternative curative option which allows for the chance of bladder preservation though historically has been associated with inferior outcomes when compared to surgery. Over the last decade technological advances in radiotherapy notably have reopened the debate as to whether modern radiotherapy can at last present a credible alternative to surgery in those wishing bladder preservation. Dr Mangar presents some of his research findings looking at how to address the concept of bladder motion during radiotherapy which can sometimes result in a ‘geographical miss’ of the target volume and compromise clinical outcomes. He considers some novel ideas on image guidance including the placement of fiducial markers, and explores the concept of predictive organ localisation. This book will be of value...
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