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Adverse drug reactions due to cancer chemotherapy   Surendra Akash

Adverse drug reactions due to cancer chemotherapy

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ever since the evolution of human species on the nature, there is a tremendous scope in the field of research in medical sciences. New methodologies in teaching are drastically taking place of the old methods and are in a process of revolutionizing the younger minds.The young ignited minds in the present era want a solution for every query they meet with ,thus strengthening their everlasting ties with ethical issues. As the list of essential medicines increases, so does the laws for rational approaches to practices in clinical pharmacology take a new turn explaining the need of clinical trials for the development of newer medicinal products. Adverse drug reactions not only display the extended physiological and biochemical processes going on in the human body, but are also the evidence for unmonitored action of the drugs. Pharmacovigilance in the world is building new ways to formulate good clinical practice guidelines. The uniqueness of this book is in the explanation of detection,...
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