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Quarkxpress 3.3 VTC Training CD (+ CD-ROM)  

Quarkxpress 3.3 VTC Training CD (+ CD-ROM)

1997 год.
Delmar Pub
QuarkXPress is the defacto standard for typesetting and page layout, used by thousands of companies producing everything from business stationery to full color magazines and newspapers. Damienne FitzPatrick has years of experience training companies in the use of this software and in this 8-hour Training CD takes you through the learning curve, step-by-step, explaining everything from basics to advanced use of QuarkXPress. Virtual Training Company makes learning the most challenging software easier. Simply open the program you want to learn, and open your VTC training CD. A friendly expert takes you smoothly from the basics of the program through every single feature. It's simple to apply what your learning as you go. Just mouse-click between the training and the actual program. Need help in the middle of a project? Use the CD's search function, and within seconds an expert is showing exactly what you need to know.
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