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Virtualization with Xen: Including Xenenterprise, Xenserver, and Xenexpress   David E. Williams

Virtualization with Xen: Including Xenenterprise, Xenserver, and Xenexpress

384 страниц. 2007 год.
For system administrators and IT managers looking to harness the power of XenSource's open-source XenT hypervisor for "bare metal" server virtualization! Complete Coverage of Xen, Including Version 3.2. Virtualization with Xen is the first book to demonstrate to readers how to install, administer, and maintain a virtual infrastructure based on XenSource's latest release, Xen 3.2. It discusses best practices for setting up a Xen environment correctly the first time, maximizing the utilization of server assets while taking advantage of the fastest and most secure enterprise-grade paravirtualization architecture. It covers both basic and advanced topics, such as planning and installation, physical-to-virtual migrations, virtual machine provisioning, resource management, and monitoring and troubleshooting guests and Xen hosts. Explore Xen's Virtualization Model. Find a complete overview of the architecture model as well of all products: Xen 3.0 , Xen...
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