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Yoga and Fitness   Ankan Sinha,Satpal Yadav and Ajit Charag

Yoga and Fitness

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Yoga and Fitness: Effect of yoga practices on physical fitness of Judokas must provide a firm understanding of training in order to trained and reach valid conclusion to improve the physical fitness. This book learns about the yoga practices to optimize the body’s physical fitness to recover and rebuilt, resulting in better performance in field Judo. In this book necessary data was collected by administering selected pull up, shuttle run, standing broad jump, 50 yard dash and sit and reach test. This book becomes a resource on training for sports scientist, coaches, and athletes throughout the world. The sequential training of yoga practices effect can produce optimal performance at other players of major games and sports and competitions. Yoga and Fitness: Effect of yoga practices on physical fitness of Judokas will quickly become your primary reference book. It provides the sequence need to successfully prescribe exercise for a wide variety of athletes.Yoga and Fitness: Effect of...
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