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The Rough Guide to the iPad (2nd edition)   Peter Buckley

The Rough Guide to the iPad (2nd edition)

288 страниц. 2011 год.
It?s an eBook reader. It?s a touch-screen computer. It?s a games machine. It?s a movie player. It?s for browsing the web and sending emails. Whatever you think the Apple iPad is, The Rough Guide to the iPad will show you that it?s so much more, and reveal all you need to know about this landmark device. The Rough Guide to the iPad covers everything from buying advice, and the lowdown on the features you get straight out of the box, to advanced tips and reviews of the coolest apps. It really is the one-stop shop for all your iPad questions and needs. As well as reviews of the best new apps appearing in the store, all the new features of iOS 4 and the second-generation iPad are covered, including multi-tasking, AirPrint and FaceTime.
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