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AppleWorks 5.0 Quick Source Reference Guide for Macintosh   Quick Source

AppleWorks 5.0 Quick Source Reference Guide for Macintosh

This 6 page, tri-fold full color guide is an invaluable resource for anyone who uses AppleWorks 5.0. It provides step- by- step instructions on how to utilize the various software programs. The word processor section explains how to type, select, cut, copy, paste, delete, format, and align text. The spreadsheet section shows how to: select cells; navigate between cells; enter, cut, copy, and paste data; insert rows and columns; sort; format text, and create charts. The database section teaches how to: define fields; use, delete, find, and sort records; create reports; and produce mailing labels. There are also sections on how to draw objects, use the paint feature, create slide shows, and much more! An excellent instructional tool for a user new to ApplwWorks5.0, it also serves as a handy reference tool for the more experienced user.
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