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  William G. Wyatt

Accessing Architectural Desktop Update Guide R3

This highly interactive, state-of-the-art CD-ROM contains all of the step-by-step exercises and corresponding .dwg files needed to propel novices to proficient use of their Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3 (ADT R3) software. Use of the Style Manager has been integrated throughout every section of this CD-ROM, making it fully compatible with ADT R3. Must-know information regarding the new display configurations, wall tools toolbar, railing styles, window assemblies, roof slabs, and an updated structural catalog is also included for the benefit of beginning through intermediate users who aim to take full advantage of the newest features and functions of their software. To increase productivity and minimize the learning curve, helpful notes and tips are included to help users avoid common pitfalls. Additional hands-on projects are also available in selected chapters, providing opportunities to more fully develop and refine essential skills. The perfect update to information presented in...
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