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Vampires: 30 Postcards  

Vampires: 30 Postcards

120x165 60 страниц. 2012 год.
These exquiste postcards beg the viewer to look into the very heart of the vampire; to see not only a hideous night-stalking murderer, but perhaps also an eternal romantic, a soul filled with sadness, or just a creature with too much time on its hands. The postcards reveal a haunting stare and forbidden romantic relationships. They will make you laugh and shudder. Each artist has his or her own idea of what makes up a vampire, ranging from a loner on the fringes of society to an armored warrior in a science fiction nightmare.This is something we humans and vampires share, our ability to be unique. Visually stunning, this collection holds some of the most technically brilliant artwork existing today. Artists from different backgrounds and cultures share their versions of the vampire in their chosen medium. There is no wrong way to show the beauty, corruption, and sometimes quietness of the vampire. Now don't get us wrong: many of these creatures would probably love nothing...
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