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The Expert Vegetable Notebook   Hessayon, D G

The Expert Vegetable Notebook

2014 год.
Growing your own food has become one of the nation's most popular pastimes - in 2008 sales of vegetable seeds exceeded sales of flower seeds for the first time.The Vegetable & Herb Expert is the UK's best-selling gardening book and has been for the last decade.But how do you remember what happened when next year's growing season comes round? The Vegetable Notebook is the ideal companion to the world's best-selling grow-your-own book.It begins by helping you choose and care for your plants, and ends by providing a permanent record of your growing year.With sections for the gardener to fill in showing varieties grown, when they were planted and what happened (and how it tasted), it's just the thing to turn to when you need to start afresh next year. The Vegetable Jotter and its sister the Plotter dominated the vegetable book world in the 1970s and early 1980s - more than 2.5 million were sold.Now completely updated with the latest seed lists and pest control measures, The Vegetable...
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