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Methods of wound healing assessment   Patricia Louise Danielsen

Methods of wound healing assessment

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Wound healing of injured skin and other tissues is fundamental for survival. Platelets are a rich source of potential wound-healing promoting factors. Four different human acute wound models and a wide array of clinical and laboratory wound healing assessment tools and parameters were to used to investigate the effect of an autologous platelet- rich fibrin; collagen synthesis and deposition in the ePTFE tube wound, breaking strength of small human incision wounds, epithelialization of the split-thickness skin graft donor site wound, epithelialization of the transplanted meshed autograft on a surgically revised leg ulcer, recovery of skin physiological properties over 1 year using non-invasive techniques (erythema, pigmentation, TEWL). The thesis is organized into an introduction to the wound healing process with emphasis on collagen metabolism and the very potent profibrotic growth factor TGF-b1, followed by a short literature review on the clinical use of different...
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