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PSYCHOTHERAPEUTICS   Tahira Shamim,Ghazala Shaheen and Khalil A. Ansasri


396 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
For even the most successful series of textbook editions, there comes a time for an ending and a new beginning. This book is just such a new beginning. This text aims to communicate the clinical art and wisdom of psychiatry, tied firmly to the science of clinical disciplines. This text aims to be both scholarly and practical. It covers the most important topics in the format that is complete and efficient for the mental health professional in training or the clinician seeking an update. It differs from the other books in that it concentrates exclusively on aspects that students should know and understand, rather than including a lot of reference material. This has enabled us to keep its length down. Another feature has been to include many new illustrations to aid in grasping the diagnosis and management. Many patients use herbal or other alternative medicines and there is a new addition on this important topic.
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