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Nervous Control of Hemodynamic and Excretory Functions in Renal Disease   Ibrahim M. Salman

Nervous Control of Hemodynamic and Excretory Functions in Renal Disease

300 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present work by Salman highlights the role of the renal sympathetic nerves in the regulation of kidney functions and determines how the normal regulatory systems are disturbed during the pathology of renal failure and diabetes. Using animal models of these diseases, the mediated reductions in renal hemodynamic and excretory functions were characterized and evaluated prior to and directly after the induction of acute renal denervation. Data from this research provided experimental evidence that augmented renal sympathetic nerve activity is an early consequence of some pathological states affecting the kidney and that the contributory role of the renal sympathetic nervous system towards the observed derangements in renal indices is of major importance and requires further attention. Therefore, it is suggested that a reduction in the renal sympathetic basal tone is likely to forbid or at least reduce the occurrence of future renal complications.
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