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Hiv/Aids Services: Fixed and Mobile Clinics in rural South Africa   Debbie Kgomotso

Hiv/Aids Services: Fixed and Mobile Clinics in rural South Africa

156 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Hiv/Aids services are offered through Primary Health Care services in rural South Africa. The fixed and mobile clinics are responsible facilities. The mining and the farming points also benefit from these facilities. Primary Health Care Nurses and the Doctors work as a team. Hiv/Aids is a threat to the communities and counselling and testing are practised. Purpose of the study was to comparatively examine the efficacy of mobile and fixed clinic health care services in Hiv/Aids prevention in the rural areas. Hundred pregnant women from the fixed and mobile clinics participated in answering the questionnaire during their antenatal care visits. The data recorded on the questionnaires by the participants was used to compare and analyse the pregnant women's feelings about Hiv/Aids services of fixed and mobile clinics. Group discussions were also held prior self completion of questionnaires. Questionnaires were administered by the researcher and the two health promoters. It was found that...
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