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Prevention of High Blood Pressure   Mary Ofili

Prevention of High Blood Pressure

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Hypertension, a slow progressive killer disease is a major public health problem. World Health Organization predicts that if there are no interventions by 2020, three quarters of deaths in Africa would be attributable to hypertension. Nurses have recognized role in providing patient education and so, are credible source of health information. Thus, it becomes imperative to assess nurses’ knowledge and attitude toward hypertension, since they can help in reducing the prevalence of hypertension by influencing communities to adopt healthy lifestyle. Chapter One provides the study background, objectives and significance of study. Chapter Two discusses epidemiology of hypertension and reviews varied roles of nurses in caring for hypertensives. The theoretical framework, applications and hypotheses were stated in this chapter. Chapter Three gives the research methods and procedures adopted during the study. Chapter Four presents results with their statistical interpretations. Chapter Five...
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