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Post Burn Flexion Contracture of Fingers   Bilal Fazal Shaikh

Post Burn Flexion Contracture of Fingers

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Burn injuries are very much common across globe and specially in developing countries. Burn care requires expertise and sophisticated health care facility. Unfortunately, Burn Surgery has always been a neglected part of Surgery & Allied Sciences. The published literature is not adequate and a lot has to be done yet. Different treatment options and modalities are practiced in different settings and tertiary care hospitals. This comparative study focuses on the treatment of Postburn flexion contracture of fingers which is a grave condition for burn victim. Post burn contractures affecting function remain the most frustrating late complication of burn injury. The fingers, because of their terminal anatomical location, are at the real risk in any burn of the upper extremity even if they are not directly involved. When burned, the extensor surface of the digits is more critical because of the superficial location of the tendons and the bony structure. The volar surface of the fingers is...
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