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Safe Abortion Care   Tarekegn Asmamaw

Safe Abortion Care

68 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Unsafe abortion has been recognized as an important public health problem, especially in developing countries, contributing to the high maternal mortality rate. Unsafe abortion accounted for 14% of all maternal deaths in sub-Saharan Africa, where half of the world maternal deaths occurred. According to the World Health Organization, Ethiopia has the fifth largest number of maternal deaths. Women commonly report encountering abusive treatment from health workers who disapprove of their desire for safe abortion. Health professionals’ negative attitudes might be one the obstacle for the availability of safe abortion services. The important role of Nurses and other health professionals play an important role to identifying, informing, preparing, and supporting the abortion patient; however, there is little known and scarce study about the personal and professional attitudes and intension especially in health science students. So this book may fill the gap and may be one input for who...
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