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Physical Properties of Human Blood   Mohammed Gulam Ahamad

Physical Properties of Human Blood

312 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the present study 2ml of blood is sufficient for investigation. Here viscosity and surface tension are measured at stretch. This technique is helpful in quick diagnosis of disease and physical fitness of a patient. This is a potential tool in medical discipline for diagnosis, drug administration and monitoring of a patient suffering from any disease, in general, and thrombosis and cancer in particular.This Technique aided with computer program for data processing may help a physician for quick diagnosis of disease. Biochemical and biophysical perturbation in cell physiology can be mirrored in viscometric data. The rheological parameters such as volumetric flow rate(Q) and velocity(V) are also studied using this technique which are helpful for the understanding of blood circulation on human vascular bed. Using this technique the viscosity and surface tension, velocity and volume flow rates of different diseases thrombasis, bilirubin, diabetes, malaria and cancer. The...
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