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Compton's by Britannica (эксклюзивный подарочный комплект из 26 книг)  

Compton's by Britannica (эксклюзивный подарочный комплект из 26 книг)

195x260 11060 страниц. 2008 год.
Encyclopaedia Britannica
When the quote on the opposite page was published in the first edition of Compton's Encyclopedia in 1922, Compton's was a unique eight-volume home and school reference work. It was the first pictured encyclopedia-that is, the first to use photographs and drawings on the same pages with the text they illustrated. Compton's also pioneered the Fact-Index, which contains short, complete articles in addition to page references to the text. Compton's was also one of the first encyclopedias to maintain a large, permanent editorial staff to ensure continuous growth and revision of the set each year. Since 1922 Compton's has never lost sight of its original purpose. It continues to be an innovative, forward-looking reference work that rewards curiosity, inviting students and family members to explore the world in its pages. By choosing not to limit the vocabulary of its articles to restrictive word lists, Compton's challenges and inspires readers of all ages. Furthermore, by helping to...
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