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Backpain and Medical Community   Muhammad Umar and Aamer Naeem

Backpain and Medical Community

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is a small effort to address the most common medical issue which we come across in our everyday living i.e. back pain. While writing about this topic our main aim was to address those community members (doctors) who deal it most frequently and are the most common victim to it. Sadly enough, they are equally disabled by this condition. The book contains a thorough review of the problem including the basic anatomy of back, risk factors for developing back pain, causative agents, various treatment options, quick tips to relieve the symptoms, and a comprehensive home plan including the patient education.Literature has supported various interventions and their efficacy in the treatment of back pain. Although we have tried to cover all these intervention our main aim was to introduce the medical community to a safe working environment emphasizing the need to maintain a good posture; a pre requisite to every treatment plan.I hope that my efforts go well with the medical community...
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