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Surgery on the Sound Eye in Strabismus   MOMEN MAHMOUD HAMDI IBRAHIM

Surgery on the Sound Eye in Strabismus

128 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In ophthalmic surgery, the logic idea is to operate on the affected eye. However, strabismus is unique in that surgery can be done on both eyes even if the deviation is unilateral. Moreover, in particular cases, surgery may be done only on the non-deviating ''sound'' eye. This is an astonishing and striking idea that may be refused by the non-strabismologists or the patients.This book discusses the importance, benefits and indications of doing surgery on the sound eye in strabismus based on a research on different cases with different etiologies.It may be the first to clearly adopt this principle as a basic part in the plan for strabismus surgery. Although the study lasted 3 years on 30 patients with a big effort, the author cordially invites other strabismologists for futher elaboration of his idea to establish special parameters and nomograms for surgery on the sound eye in different cases of strabismus.
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