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Pulmonary Function Tests Among Petrol-Pump Workers   Aprajita Panwar,Mamta Mohan and Neeraj Kant Panwar

Pulmonary Function Tests Among Petrol-Pump Workers

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A growing body of evidence suggests that air pollution from vehicles is an inescapable part of industrialised world. Though vast majority of research have focussed on effect of air pollutants on health of individuals, but studies regarding occupational exposure to petrochemical fumes are relatively few and those available,have yielded inconsistent results.So,in our research, we laid emphasis on changes in lung functions in petrol-pump workers chronically exposed to petrol/diesel fumes. Surprisingly, most workers remain asymptomatic till significant lung damage occurs.Even if observed values are within normal ranges,it indicates likely morbidity in the event of continuing exposure.Hence,regular monitoring of lung function merits attention.Moreover,the valuable message that can be taken from this book is worth a million dollar - the upcoming concept of biofuel which can be a gift for our future generations. For example - ur car is giving efficiency of x and pollution of y, then...
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