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Substance Abuse Recovery Experiences - a Faith-based Perspective   Colleen Herman

Substance Abuse Recovery Experiences - a Faith-based Perspective

144 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In describing the nature and extent of the substance abuse problem at an Imbizo on substance abuse, the speech of the Minister of Social Development, Benjamin (2006:1) stated that there are major challenges in rendering services to people who abuse substances. These challenges exist particularly with regard to prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of abusers. Substance misuse is widespread and a growing problem in Southern Africa. This epidemic will have an increasing impact on mental and physical health. Substance abuse is classified as a mental health illness, which could be healed in the application of various modalities of care. Little is understood and documented about the role of Faith-based programmes in substance abuse recovery in the Western Cape. The researcher hoped to add to the body of nursing research knowledge by conducting the study using Pender's Health Promotion Model (HPM) as the theoretical framework and the Thematic Analyis data analysis model was used to...
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