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Oral Disorders In Dogs With Special Reference To Stomatitis   Pardeep Sharma and Rajesh Girajashanker Jani

Oral Disorders In Dogs With Special Reference To Stomatitis

156 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Human attachment with his pet is based on the principle of “Care dependency” and “Food dependency”. Dog distinctly occupy a place in the family as a beloved member. The emotional sentiments are often attached with the pets kept at home. In Indian context, health & management aspects of our pets and livestock are not given due attention for one or the other reasons. It becomes prudent to provide tender care & the best possible treatment against the diseases in dogs. Halitosis is one of the common complaints by dog owners that can have a adverse effect on the pet-owner relationship. Oral disorders in dogs are the important aspects that create challenge to the practicing veterinarians to arrive at a definitive diagnosis of particular problem. However, the literature on the incidence & magnitude of oral disorders & stomatitis in particular, in dogs is meager from round the globe and from the Indian subcontinents in specific. Hence, considering the paucity of information as well as...
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