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Post operative pain management   Bijaya shadangi,Tarangini Das and Nihar Senapati

Post operative pain management

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The content of the book is a honest work done with the involvement of good,renowned experienced doctors in a world class reputed hospital.It will help those people who work in a hospital setting particularly in surgical fields with definite satisfactory result.Safety and efficacy of the said drug have been already established in allover the world.Methodology that is how and at what dosage Fentanyl can be used during and after any surgery of any age group has been described .One of the most common symptoms for which a patient seeks medical advice is pain. Relief of pain is by far the most frequent indication of surgical intervention & a large majority, not all, which seek medical attention subsequently, undergoes operation. The surgeon in his mission induces pain, which at times is more severe than the original complaint. So Fentanyl is the answer to above worry.
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