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Virulence of E.coli Strains in Causing Acute and Persistent Diarrhea   Woldetsadik Aberra Geyid

Virulence of E.coli Strains in Causing Acute and Persistent Diarrhea

76 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Escherichia coli strains isolated from faecal specimens of patients with acute and persistent diarrhoeal diseases were analyzed for their major virulence factors using DNA probes, invasion and adhesion assays to Caco-2 and HeLa tissue culture cells. All the major serotypes and virotypes of E.coli, like the ETEC, EPEC, EIEC, EAggEC and EHEC strains have been identified from the majority of infants of under five years of age with diarrhoel diseases and having the problems of malnutrition. The study outcome has shown that the strains carrying genes for the different virulence factors are prevalent in diarrhoeal patients of developing countries like Ethiopia and Gambia. It has therefore become obvious that it is necessary to recommend that detection techniques of virulence factors and putative colonization factor antigens must be well practiced and should be included in epidemiological assessment activities of these diseases in such developing countries.
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