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Malaria: A Grave but Surmountable Global Problem   Godwin Fuseini

Malaria: A Grave but Surmountable Global Problem

76 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Throughout history several plaques have threatened the existence of the human race. Most of them have been successfully managed through human ingenuity. Malaria, however, remains evasive and is currently endemic in almost 110 countries worldwide. The disease is so irrepressible that eight American presidents have fallen victims to its attack. Great kings, popes and military leaders have also succumbed to malaria. Four Nobel prizes for malaria- related research have been awarded so far and billions of dollars spent on its eradication with countless research articles published. Yet malaria still claims about a million lives each year and remains a major public health threat to international travelers to endemic countries. What makes this ancient disease so intractable? This book is a must-to-read for international travelers and people living in malaria-endemic countries, health professionals, students and development partners. It traces the origin and history of the ...
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