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Reproductive health concerns: jeopardised age groups   Zoltan Kozinszky

Reproductive health concerns: jeopardised age groups

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Preservation of reproductive health is critically important, meaning the ability of fecundity, uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery, the appliance of proper contraception and the recurrence of fertility after stopping contraception. The avoidance of abortion, ectopic pregnancy and pathologic conceiving can contribute to reproductive health. Approximately 910,000 conceptions befall worldwide each year, of which about the half are unplanned and about one quarter are unwanted. In total, 53 million pregnancies end with termination each year. In western countries, the time of pregnancy has been shifting towards advanced ages due to career and financial reasons. Furthermore, the rate of unwanted pregnancy among teenagers has significantly increased recently. The age groups at the highest risk concerning reproductive health are: teens and women with advanced age (women over 40 and primiparous women over 35). Generally, both groups are often unaware of their fertility...
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