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Calcium in the Hypertension Management   SUNEETHA EPURU

Calcium in the Hypertension Management

272 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Hypertension is a heterogeneous disease, having a variety of precipitating factors. In recent times, Dietary calcium received considerable attention for its possible role in the regulation of the blood pressure. Research interest in the role of dietary calcium for the management of hypertension stemmed from observations that in some cases, hypertension occurs concomitant with calcium abnormalities; and also from the search for nonpharmacological ways to prevent or control hypertension. Despite the growing evidence, published reports on the blood pressure lowering effects of dietary calcium were scarce from Indian subcontinent. The current research work therefore focused to study the effect of calcium status and supplementation (dietary vs. nondietary) on hypertension and the results indicate the possible potential benefits of calcium in preventing or controlling existing as well as new-onset of hypertension. Potential antihypertensive effects of dietary calcium...
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