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Suicide: The emerging epidemic   Ridhima Grover

Suicide: The emerging epidemic

220 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Suicide is a complex, multidimensional phenomenon that has been studied from philosophical, sociological and clinical perspective and has attracted the attention of philosophers, theologians and artists over the centuries. Both condemned and glorified in the pre-historic times, suicide is now being recognized as a major public health problem in the complex scenario of rapidly developing socio-economic and life style changes. Societies are passing through a major revolution in the social, economic, health, demographic, information and technological spheres. In the quest for modernization where traditional values are being replaced by modern paradigms of liberalization, the problem of suicide has grown significantly but we have yet to realize its impact. Though seen as the permanent solution to ephemeral problems, there are many factors and biological underpinnings to it. The endeavour here is to have a closer look to them and contemplate what operates behind to trigger a man to it.
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