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A Study On Some Bio- Social Factors In Relation To Peptic Ulcer   Dr. Gujjula Sudha

A Study On Some Bio- Social Factors In Relation To Peptic Ulcer

2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book entitled “Bio-social factors in relation to peptic ulcer “has worth mentioning that most of the topics covered under this book is the smoking, alcoholic, dietary habits, genetic factors besides the blood groups. While framing the chapters, certain innovative graphs and tables have been inserted to facilitate understanding. Further in many chapters of this book explains the various types of peptic ulcers and also the quality of life styles is well indicated. The pupil will find a new dimension which is to help them in long run. This book contains the association of Bio-social factors and blood groups in relation to peptic ulcers among the southern Indian populations and human society in general. Studies of this nature contribute to the nation’s development and all other spheres of human life and activity.
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