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Malaria Control and Curing Agents of Plant Origin   Takawira Kazembe

Malaria Control and Curing Agents of Plant Origin

248 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this work I have discussed the use of traditional medicinal plants to repel and kill mosquitoes and to treat malaria and other diseases.The plants used as mosquito repellents, mosquitocides and as sources of malaria curing agents have been described in details so that the reader might easily identify them. Other uses of the plants, particularly medicinal,together with geographical locations where they are used, have been described.Experiments to demonstrate the plants'' uses as mosquito repellents,mosquitocides and malaria curing agents have been given, discussed and recommendations suggested. In an attempt to correct the misconception that herbal medicines are for the backward,I have shown how a single plant is used for similar purposes in many parts of the world. This demonstrates that plants are used as medicines all over the world.
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