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Review of Neurological Approaches in Stroke   Deivendran Kalirathinam and Balaji Palaniappan

Review of Neurological Approaches in Stroke

76 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is a great pleasure to review the literature for this book,which gives a detailed account of the important issues within the physiotherapy treatment of the stroke. It is comprehensive from various perspectives. Having described each approach, there is clear analysis of the conceptual framework for the therapies leading logically to an eclectic personal approach, i.e. what a therapist can do in terms of assessment and treatment.Such a masterly synthesis could only be carried out by someone of great theoretical and practical experience of the collected reviews. It has been easy to criticise therapies that or based upon studies with low statistical power,on qualitative approaches, and even on 'experience'.However, with a group of condition that show almost infinite variations and that are successively modified by the therapist's , these problems are integral to both our difficulties and the fascination of this field of physiotherapy. The unique feature of this book is the historical...
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