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Role of Cortical Mastoidectomy in Tubotympanic Ear Disease   Shrinivas Chavan and Sunil Deshmukh

Role of Cortical Mastoidectomy in Tubotympanic Ear Disease

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The place of cortical mastoidectomy in management of cases of CSOM is been a grey area for otorhinolaryngologists. In this book 150 patients were subjected to tympanoplasty with and without cortical mastoidectomy and results were analysed for success in terms of graft uptake. In this era of 'evidence based medicine' a well planned clinical study based on sound foundation of inclusion and exclusion criteria forms very basis for advocating or refusing an already adopted or to be adopted clinical guideline and protocol; result of which is best clinical practices being established, striking a fine balance between resources, morbidity and benefit of intervention. I hope this book will be a thought provoking seed for emerging otorhinolaryngologists and will be able to throw some light on the debate whether cortical mastoidectomy done in tubotympanic achieves better outcome in terms of dry and safe ear and help them decipher it's role in cases of CSOM.
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