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Significance of Human capital for the PHM and Policy making   Aijaz Ahmed Sohag,Shah Muhammad Mahesar and Riaz Ahmed Sohag

Significance of Human capital for the PHM and Policy making

104 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Human Resources discipline is considered as the ‘heart of the health system’ in any country. There is a great need for capable, well trained and competent administrators and HR managers. Without suitable deployment of HRM, no organization can stay alive for long, therefore right utilization will not only be in the interest of organization but of the country. Human beings are the most important resources in health care. The significance of human factor in the success of hospital objectives cannot be underestimated. Therefore, a hospital must be administered scientifically and professionally in order to perform its functions efficiently and effectively. It was a cross-sectional hospital based study carried out in public and private hospitals of Sindh. A questionnaire of 43 items based on different aspects of human resource management with special context to this country was used. The study subjects were doctors, nurses, and paramedical or auxiliary health workers of the hospital...
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