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To evaluate the efficacy of Tila e Hadaf in the management of ED   Yusuf Jamal,Danish Kamal Chishti and Izhar Hasan

To evaluate the efficacy of Tila e Hadaf in the management of ED

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The effect of erectile dysfunction potentially interferes with men’s self esteem, confidence, relationship, and overall sense of well being. The problem is increasing in all segments of the sexually active male population and affects both men and his partner. In younger man increase is attributed to substance abuse, such as recreation drugs and alcohol.The older population is living longer, fuller lives and expects to remain sexually active, regardless of any existing medical conditions. Stress factors associated with modern life styles are affecting men of all ages and contribute greatly to the overall causes of erectile failure. Early identification, behavior modification and increased therapeutic options may improve patient’s outcome. By improving the knowledge and therapeutic options, it may be possible to identify patients at risk of erectile dysfunction and thus to lead a normal healthy life. Keeping this fact in mind and a high prevalence of erectile dysfunction, this Pilot...
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