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The MDGs Debate and Universal Primary Education in Pakistan   Muhammad Zafar Haider

The MDGs Debate and Universal Primary Education in Pakistan

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since her coming into existence in 1947,education has never been a key plocy consideration for the various Pakistani governments-civil & military.Despite its repeated commitments at many national and international forums, pakistan is far behind its MDGS'targets measured for Universal Primary Education. The Universal Primary Education(MDG#2) has so far performed abysmally for the whole of country. Pakistan lags behind in the case of Universal Primary Education from most of its neighbouring economies ,big and small,rich and poor. This study incisively examines main education policies of Pakistan and tries to explores as how and why there has always been a marked gap between rhetoric and action. This Void seems widening and with the current pace,Pakistan might not achieve MDG#2 even in 2050 not to speak of deadline of 2015,approaching rapidly. The controversies created by the fluctuating top down and bottom up policies have been analysed too. The book also suggests that with some...
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