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Water as a Development Constraint   Rogers Kaliisa

Water as a Development Constraint

124 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is no single intervention with greater overall impact upon economic development than the provision of safe water and proper sanitation. This book presents real-life experiences of how water constrains socio-economic development from the perspective of the local poor people in a developing country Uganda. The findings reveal that different users especially men walk long distances up to 20kms in extreme cases in search of water, which wastes the productive time for work. Schools too are significantly affected with children spending substantial school time searching for water for their personal and teacher use at school. Worse of all findings reveal that, people share water sources with animals which greatly affect their health hence a constraint to development and the realization of Millennium Development Goals at large. The book therefore provides important insight to researchers, donors, practitioners and students of development especially those with interest in developing...
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