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The Lived Experience of Solitude   Chi Q. Le

The Lived Experience of Solitude

144 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
While the establishment of secure interpersonal bonds serves as an important source of psychological and emotional wellbeing, the author argues that the experience of solitude can also significantly benefit one’s journey of personal growth and inner understanding. Utilizing a phenomenological research approach, this study provides an in-depth examination of solitude. Four individuals – two men and two women - were recruited, using a purposeful sampling technique, and selected based on their personally significant experiences of solitude as framed within Phillip Koch’s three conditions: physical isolation, social disengagement, and reflectiveness, with social disengagement being the most essential characteristic. The collective lived experiences of solitude for all of the participants are discussed under the following shared themes: effects on the self, impact on relationships, developing a capacity for solitude, freely chosen conscious choice, and roles of solitude. The study could be...
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