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Physical Abuse of the Girl Child:   Beatrice Bondai

Physical Abuse of the Girl Child:

112 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The problems of the girl child are many and multifaceted. Physical abuse is one of such problems and it interferes with the girl child's total development. Physical abuse impacts negatively on the girl child's physical development, academic performance, social and emotional development,and even spiritual development. These problems, as highlighted in the book, can be traced to the now controversial child rearing and socializing practices- where a girl child is considered a second class citizen compared to the boy child. When for instance resources are depleted or limited in the family, it is the girl child who suffers. She is literally sacrificed so that the boy child advances in his education. This, unfortunately, brings about perpetual poverty and low self esteem in the life of the girl child. In a number of unfortunate incidences, girls are physically abused into submitting to patriarchal powers and this becomes a vicious circle where the abused becomes the abuser.
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